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Kitchen & Bath!

We are thrilled to come in 3rd place!

KAFE’s “Best of the NORTHWEST”

KAFE listeners are smart! Did you see the two companies that got first and second place in Best of Kitchen and Bath Cabinets? Two outstanding cabinet companies we look up to (you are looking up from third place right?).

There are a plethora of companies eager to help you with your kitchen and bath cabinet purchases from concept to installation. So how do you go about finding the right company that gets who you are and see’s the same result?

Your answer is in the company – not the brand.

Use Builders as an example. We’ve got four different lines of cabinets from low-end to high-end in price. We’ve talked to dozens of companies, but these four ranked highest in our three “must haves” when it comes to our vendor partners. Each have been chosen by the quality of their work, the styles they offer and the level of respect they show their customers. Most important – is their customer respect level.

In the building business things don’t always go to plan. Over the last hundred years in this business, we’ve found companies who respect their customers – are the companies who do whatever it takes to solve issues as quickly as possible with their customers best interest in mind. Work is a lot more fun when the person next to you is as motivated as you are to help others enjoy their experience and get a better result because of it. Without full support of our vendor partners, the factories and distributors – we’d come up woefully short. There are a ton of great cabinets out there – but very few really great companies that both build and stand behind what they build. It’s why we suggest you pick a trusted company rather than a “familiar brand.”

You and One Other Person

By completion, you should have a great amount of pride in your result. There’s a lot that goes into the bidding-to-completion process. You’re going to spend quite a bit of time with the person responsible for helping you along this process. Visiting their location unannounced is a good way to get a “real” first impression.

So at the end of the day – the perfect situation would be to enjoy yourself all the way through what can be a wonderful process with as minimal drama as possible and get the dream cabinets you worked so hard to achieve.

Thanks for considering Builders!

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