Offering fast service under strict quality control!

We could talk about our superior products and the space we’ve created filled with all the elements of a world class millwork shop… but without Tony Sorgenfrei that’s all it would be – just talk!   No one need look over his shoulder.  Tony holds to strict quality workmanship.  “That will be good enough” just isn’t in his vocabulary.

Bellingham Sash & Door Historic Yard Photo

List of Services:

  • Custom Run Moldings, Paneling Patterns and Special Details
    • Any quantity - one piece to truckload
    • Complete milling facilities on premise
  • Panel Cutting, Re-sawing & Ripping
    • Saw texturing for appearance
    • Accurate panel cutting to aid assembly
  • Hard to Find Services
    • Corbel end cuts on any size beam
    • Sanding, Surfacing and Shaping
    • Fabrication and assembly to the most demanding requirements
    • Custom radius work to match your molding for round, radiused or elliptical doors, windows, fascia or cabinetry
  • Custom Cutting
    • Any size lumber cut to length
    • Notching, dadoing and drilling to your specific needs